S2 E9: Language & Art – Marion Geoffray & Dobrochna Futro

Welcome back to another episode of Much Language Such Talk!

Today’s episode will be about Language and Art, and how language (learning) can be visualized through art. To discuss this we have invited two wonderful guests: Marion Geoffray and Dobrochna Futro!

Marion Geoffray is a performer, theatre-maker, creative practitioner, and she is the artistic director of Theater Sans Accents, a bilingual theatre company here in Edinburgh. Her work explores questions of home, identity, relationships and communication while playing with linguistic and cultural boundaries on and off stage. She’s interested in intercultural and multidisciplinary collaborations and has through the years partnered up with many leading cultural and artistic organisations such as Starcatchers, Imaginate, Bilingualism Matters, YTAS, Institut Francais d’Ecosse, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Edinburgh Council. Her recent credits include: Arts in Tongues, MEuseum, MARYLAND, Danger Duvall: Space /Time Adventurer and KNOTS.

Dobrochna Futro is a PhD candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Glasgow. Her PhD research investigates the multilingual practices of contemporary artists and their implications for language pedagogy, and the insights gained from researching how contemporary art engages with multilingualism to design new approaches to language learning and develop resources for teaching the Polish language in Scottish primary schools. Her recent roles include joint-principal investigator of Multilingual Devised Theatre project, leading member of the On the Border of Art and Language Teaching in the Multilingual World organising committee, and fellow volunteer at the Edinburgh branch of Bilingualism Matters.

Join us to hear more about their ideas, projects, and to learn how art can facilitate language learning!

Listen to the episode here!

S2 E13 Bilingual Literacy – Dr Holly Joseph Much Language Such Talk

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